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Building Progress Update: Interiors

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Building Progress Update: Interiors Empty Building Progress Update: Interiors

Howdy folks, its that time again!

Just giving everyone a little update as to how far we are in the building process. The Auret (Arcane Guild), El Muzaddhishadah (Thieves' Guild), and any/all associated zones are 100% complete.

Our talented and rug-obsessed Anociticus has also finished the Minarets Guardant, the Temple of Kossuth, and the Sufontis Market. Vindicator is working on exteriors for the outlaying areas outside of the city, manipulating the sands like some kind of desert god. Razz 

The Muzhahajaarnadah (undercity) is about 50% complete. Its a huge zone that connects to multiple other areas (interiors and sewers alike) so I've been adding to it as I go, connecting interiors to it as I build. I suspect this will be one of the last interiors I finish just due to that fact, but I think it will be well worth it. Smile

Right now, in addition to updating the Muzad as I go, I'll be working on a festhall, a city library, and a (secret!) Sharran Temple.

We still have quite a long list of areas that have lore support for existing. A number of areas that won't be particularly useful in a PW have already been cut from the list (e.g., almost all of the minor nobility's palaces and the headquarters of guilds players would get no use out of). Even after those eliminations, we still have an impressive list of zones to create. I can't guarantee every single one of them will be in place by the time we open our doors to the gaming public (whether that be a launch or a beta test period is undecided) but I can tell you that we're focusing on areas  that we think will see the most action and have the most demand from the player-base. At this point I have to guess that if we leave anything until later (post-launch) it'll be temples to less-popular deities (Lliira, anyone?)

We've also started focusing a bit more on dungeons, especially low level ones in the hopes of running a closed alpha test soon. We're brainstorming ideas for places and creatures that are a bit more interesting than your run-of-the-mill "kill bats in an attic" or "kill oozes in a sewer".

All of this goes on while there is plenty of discussion about everything from class buffs to a reworking of the deity-selection system into something more like true polytheism.... all while the majority of us work or study full time. We've got our hands full, but we're trucking along. Smile

Stay tuned!

Lord of El Muzaddhishadah, King of the Muzhahajaarnadah
Judas Iscariot
Judas Iscariot

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