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Weekend Development Update Empty Weekend Development Update

Hey kids, its that time again!

*Cue corny music and dancing animals.*

This weekend, I've put the finishing touches on the Sultry Siren and Katar's High, two taverns that I suspect will become RP hubs within Calimport. I also finished off a variety of merchants. Their prices may get tweaked as we go and discover what the server economy is like, but for right now they at least exist and work.

I overhauled the Muzad, which was my main project for the weekend. It was not bad before, but lacked a certain dark, dangerous, and twisted quality to it before. I still have three areas off the Muzad to build, and some hostile mob populating to do, but I'm happy with what I have now. My goal is to have the Muzad ready to launch along with the surface city.

A second dungeon - a crypt full of undead - was built and populated. This, along with my sewer dungeon, are being put through their paces with encounter testing. We're tweaking the difficulty and XP gain rate during this testing process. I have a third dungeon I'm building now, and we have ideas for 3-4 others in the developer's forums already. One of our goals with dungeons is to have enough of them so that players can spread out a little when they hunt, rather than be tripping over each other.

Much of our work from here on out will be technical and scripting-related and going over everything with a fine-tooth comb looking for bugs and mistakes. Floating Rock Checks will be happening frequently, and dungeons will be undergoing a "is this fun or is this irritating?" check with as many classes as we can stand to play.

One of these days, I'll get better at updating these news things more frequently, too....  Cool 

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