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News EmptyMon May 26, 2014 10:40 pm by DM_Necromancy


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  • 20140226
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    Discussion, debate, and differing opinions are encouraged! People should feel that they can speak their mind without getting punished for it. However, civility is expected. Troll posts full of insults are not welcome.

    The rules below apply to players and Staff alike:

    1. Do not post or link to any material that is pornographic, copyrighted, contains excessive gore, or anything else that would violate Forumotion's

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    1. Do not harass or grief any player or Staff member for any reason. Examples of harassment include (but are not limited to) repeated communication to the same player in order to insult, degrade, humiliate, mock, anger, and troll; and PvPing for no legitimate RP purpose. Do not contact Staff members playing PCs unless there is a dire emergency and no one else is available.

    2. Stay IC at all times, and understand that IC actions will have IC consequences. Keep OOC limited to /tells....

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  • 20140228
    Howdy folks,

    As of this past Thursday, we've been in our alpha testing phase on the server. The module is loaded and running, and staff members have been logging on to run the place through its paces with test characters.

    Right now we are working on implementing various scripting systems we've decided on, making sure dungeons work, fixing any visual errors/bugs found in our areas, and just polishing up everything in general.

    There are still a number of areas I want to add, but we are sitting pretty right now with a pretty big world as it is.

    Thanks everyone...

    by Judas Iscariot - Comments: 0 - Views: 382
  • 20140217
    Hey kids, its that time again!

    *Cue corny music and dancing animals.*

    This weekend, I've put the finishing touches on the Sultry Siren and Katar's High, two taverns that I suspect will become RP hubs within Calimport. I also finished off a variety of merchants. Their prices may get tweaked as we go and discover what the server economy is like, but for right now they at least exist and work.

    I overhauled the Muzad, which was my main project for the weekend. It was not bad before, but lacked a certain dark, dangerous, and twisted quality to it before. I still...

    by Judas Iscariot - Comments: 0 - Views: 308
  • 20140212
    Judas posted recently that lore and scripting is underway and that closed beta testing approaches. I would like to take this time to give thanks and welcome our new staff members!

    Welcome Tildryn, our new resident Grumpy Cat and bullshit caller.

    Welcome Artisan and Nathair, new talented artists, builders, and scripters!

    Welcome Felicity, our new DM who will be starting events as soon as the server is live, I think you'll all enjoy her creativity! She will be very active.

    I'm very excited at the direction we're heading in now that two of our leaders are...

    by Terpenzi - Comments: 0 - Views: 317
  • 20140211
    Howdy y'all.

    Despite rumor to the contrary, we are not dead - just distracted by Real Life Shenanigans (tm).

    We are anticipating the start of a closed alpha testing period for this weekend. This will be a chance for us to assemble the mod's areas, load them up on our server, and give things our first real test run as a group. Scripting is underway, and this will be a chance see things in action.

    On that note, starting tonight I will be getting back into the building groove. I have some dungeons and interiors I want to complete sometime between now...

    by Judas Iscariot - Comments: 0 - Views: 297
  • 20131010
    Howdy y'all. Time for another update!

    We are still alive and kicking, for anyone who might be wondering (for shame!)

    Since our last update, we've gathered ourselves up a new builder to the project, who has made some of the areas outside of the city (including forests!) Inside the city, the Sultry Siren has seen work (though its not finished, I changed my mind on the layout like four times.... Neutral  ) and the Muzad has seen more progress.

    Perhaps the highlight of this update is...

    by Judas Iscariot - Comments: 0 - Views: 415
  • 20130919
    Howdy folks, its that time again!

    Just giving everyone a little update as to how far we are in the building process. The Auret (Arcane Guild), El Muzaddhishadah (Thieves' Guild), and any/all associated zones are 100% complete.

    Our talented and rug-obsessed Anociticus has also finished the Minarets Guardant, the Temple of Kossuth, and the Sufontis Market. Vindicator is working on exteriors for the outlaying areas outside of the city, manipulating the sands like some kind of desert god. Razz 

    by Judas Iscariot - Comments: 0 - Views: 381
  • 20130901
    Good news! With the exception of placing NPCs (guards, merchants, etc) the city of Calimport itself is complete. The city itself comprises of four separate zones: Northern Calimport, Central Calimport, Southern Calimport, and Eastern Calimport.

    We still have a lot of building ahead of us, of course: All the interior spaces, as well as the outlaying areas outside of the city. But, we're nowhere near out of steam yet, so onward we go!

    by Judas Iscariot - Comments: 0 - Views: 534
  • 20130813
    Work on building Calishite Night's areas has officially begun! I'll be starting with the city's exteriors first while Vindicator works on the outlaying areas.

    Stay tuned!

    by Judas Iscariot - Comments: 0 - Views: 787
  • 20130810
    For the staff - Following some suggestions by Dust I've added new subforums and categories, to lessen the clutter. He had some great ideas and while his was open faced sections I thought to keep the front page small to make them inside categories, along with moving all threads to their appropriate sections. I hope this is all easier for you to navigate and you'll all be able to see recent topics still scrolling on the side. Thank you Dust for your ideas and working with me to combine them!

    by Terpenzi - Comments: 0 - Views: 311
  • 20130809
    Greetings NWN2 Community! I'm Terpenzi, and these are the development forums for Calishite Nights. This is the news section, where you'll be able to easily find and read our updates. Myself, Vindicator, Lucavern, and Judas will be posting in here frequently. There is a section for those in the community to speak, discuss, and offer suggestions on what they'd like to see in the forums, and where you can communicate with us as well. We're still in early development but things are moving quickly. We're excited to have community participation while we create, so don't be afraid to start topics in the...

    by Terpenzi - Comments: 0 - Views: 614

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