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*Sigh* So....

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*Sigh* So.... Empty *Sigh* So....

Post  Serenity on Wed Nov 05, 2014 2:19 pm

Yep. Looks like this project has pretty much died. *Sigh*

The Dev chat has fallen silent, and no work has been done for many months. Add to that the fact that most of the Dev Team have either moved on from NWN2 or just the server itself, and things don't really look good.

I may be wrong, and someone may decide to try and pick this up again, but I wouldn't hold out hope on that front.

For the work that has already been done, it's going to be up to the individual builders to release their own things, if they decide to do so. I've released some of my own, and I may release the rest at some point in the future if I get round to it.

It was a fun journey - I certainly have learnt a lot from it, and made a whole bunch of new friends. It's a shame things never really pulled together, but honestly it was a bit of a long-shot project in the first place, to make a whole new server. And that was only made moreso with the introduction of ToA 2.0, and many people migrating to Sigil and Trinity, which lessened the need for a new server greatly. Motivation was kinda lost.

So yeah. This is an announcement of SoC's death. Thanks for sticking with us, those who read this. Have fun RPing. :)

P.S. A special thanks must be given to Necromancy, who has stuck with helping build this server even when everyone else had basically given up hope. We may have failed, but he nevertheless managed to build half of the server all by himself, and deserves the acknowledgement for that. So thank you, Necromancy.

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