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Post  Judas Iscariot on Wed Feb 26, 2014 12:03 am

Forum Rules & Guidelines

Discussion, debate, and differing opinions are encouraged! People should feel that they can speak their mind without getting punished for it. However, civility is expected. Troll posts full of insults are not welcome.

The rules below apply to players and Staff alike:

1. Do not post or link to any material that is pornographic, copyrighted, contains excessive gore, or anything else that would violate Forumotion's Terms of Service.

2. Do not harass other users by posts or private messages. Forum harassment includes (but is not limited to) repeatedly contacting or posting about the same person in order to insult, degrade, humiliate, mock, anger, or troll.

3. Do not troll, spam, or purposefully derail topics.

4. Do not modify any section of the forum for which moderator rights are not normally granted. Users who mistakenly receive moderator privileges should immediately contact an Admin.

5. Understand that Staff members cannot always issue an immediate response to private messages. Allow forty-eight hours for a reply before attempting contact again.

(A big thank you to Artisan for summarizing our thoughts!)

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