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Post  Judas Iscariot on Wed Feb 26, 2014 12:02 am

Server Rules

1. Do not harass or grief any player or Staff member for any reason. Examples of harassment include (but are not limited to) repeated communication to the same player in order to insult, degrade, humiliate, mock, anger, and troll; and PvPing for no legitimate RP purpose. Do not contact Staff members playing PCs unless there is a dire emergency and no one else is available.

2. Stay IC at all times, and understand that IC actions will have IC consequences. Keep OOC limited to /tells. Roleplay the stats, feats, and skills that a PC possesses - the character sheet. Know that any actions that take place within the context of the game are subject to repercussions both good and ill - including alignment shifts, spell failure, and permadeath. Retcons will not be granted by the Staff simply because a PC made a mistake that places his/her livelihood or reputation in jeopardy.

3. Do not metagame, God-mode, or exploit. Metagaming is the IC use of information obtained OOC. God-moding is when a player exerts control over the actions or thoughts of other PCs or NPCs. Exploiting is the purposeful use of a broken game system. Players who find a possible bug or exploit should report it to a Staff member or post in the Bug Report section of the forums.

4. Adhere to the established server lore. Players should contact the Staff for clarification on any lore-related issues. The Staff has every right to ask players to modify characters whose backgrounds or IC actions do not adhere to the setting.

5. Accept that server content is intended for a mature (18+) audience. Graphic roleplay (including ERP, torture, and slavery) is permitted, but it should be kept in /whispers or private locations. RPing "child" characters (any character of any race that is not considered of an adult age by that race) is not allowed.

6. Report problems as soon as possible. Problems with other players should be reported to a DM or Admin. Problems with a DM should be reported to an Admin. Problems with one Admin should be reported to another Admin. Problems with all Admins should be reported to one of the Grumpy Cats, who function as liaisons. Please include relevant screenshots, logs, or other references when making a report. Decisions of Admins are final.

(A big thank you to Artisan for helping summarize our thoughts into something short and sweet!)

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